Top 10 Reasons for Studying Medicine or Dentistry


Many students have failed to pursue Medicine or dentistry in their home countries such as UK, Germany and USA. Meanwhile the nature of such a courses is very highly competitive. Here's why you should consider studying in Europe:

  • The course is taught entirely in English, with a foreign language lesson delivered for a few hours a week to help you fit in with the country and culture. The foreign language lesson can help you when communicating with the locals or with your patients, as well as dealing with your new international friends in typical situations.
  • You will be able to study medicine or dentistry at some of the best universities in Europe. Even if your grades aren't the best, you can still be admitted to a world-class university, as many medical schools in Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine, and many more allow some flexibility with grade requirements. Universities will not ignore your application and will look at your overall performance individually to give you a chance. Medical schools in Europe want you to be able to fulfill your dream so that they give you a chance to study. It then depends on you to keep up with medical education and show them your worth.
  • You will study medicine or dentistry at some of the largest medical campuses in the world and the largest teaching hospitals in Europe. The universities are all surrounded by highly reputable teaching hospitals with many specialties and specialists. Some universities have specific centers such as a military hospital or private hospitals with up-to-date technology, methodology and equipment.
  • Thousands of British students choose to study medicine in Europe. Meanwhile the international community of students from the UK and Germany and other countries is amazing! There are many students who have been in your shoes and have been able to pursue their dream career abroad, and you should too.
  • Europe is alive, beautiful and safe, you will experience a true culture-rich experience.
  • You have an exciting extra option, unlike the limited four university options that UCAS in the UK allows you. You can apply to as many medical universities in Europe as you want - your options are unlimited. Apply to each university with its procedures and have an unlimited number of universities to choose from.
  • Annual tuition starts from €3000 per year. Tuition fees are paid annually in one or two installments. Usually, non-EU applicants have to pay the tuition fees in advance before applying for the visa
  • The cost of living is very low, with less than €300 per month you can live very comfortably. The cost of living is fantastic and you will enjoy living like a king with so little money. A euro or pound is twice or sometimes three times as strong as the local currency, making everything super cheap.
  • This is a great backup option and your safety net in case you are not admitted to medicine at home. Don't risk losing a year of your life because the medical school has decided not to accept you because you are not the best of the best of the best!
  • You are guaranteed a job after graduating from medical school in Europe as a doctor as the universities are accepted worldwide.

There are many agencies to help students with the complicated procedure of transferring to Europe. Osman and other medical students currently studying medicine in Europe help students with such procedures

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