Special Nursing Scholarships for Men


Nursing scholarships for men are more available than ever, thanks in part to the shortage of nurses and efforts to increase diversity in the nursing profession. Thanks to organizations like the American Assembly for Men in Nursing and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, men have special opportunities to attend nursing programs and contribute to the community by providing our society's health care.

The process for obtaining Men's Nursing Scholarships is very similar to any other scholarship program. First you need to decide which school you want to go to. Talk to the academic counselor and the financial aid department about any nursing-specific help that may be available for the degree you plan to pursue. Recognize that scholarships, grants and other forms of financial aid are not repayable such as student loans. Once you've gathered the information from the school's financial aid worker, it's time to fill out the applications, it's time to collect your own (or the applicant's) information.

While not all scholarships require proof of financial need, most do, so you may need your most recent tax returns and payroll statements, and if you live at home and are being claimed as a dependent, you will also need the parent's tax return information or parents who claim you as a dependent. Current students planning to transfer to a nursing program must have all required transcripts available. Some nursing scholarships require a 2- or 4-year training plan, but some utilities are offered if you're also taking a certificate-only program.

Once you have gathered all the required information, submit the applications as far in advance of your scheduled attendance as possible. Many of the specialized scholarships are offered on a first come, first served basis. This means that for programs that are not tied to a specific minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) or other academic performance metrics, you can qualify by being first in line!

Apply to any program you find available; scholarship committees realize that students are trying every possible direction to get help. Once you've reached the needed help, be sure to let the other programs you've signed up for. Nursing is well rewarded financially, with opportunities for specialization and differentiation to further increase your value in the labor market. Meanwhile Nursing scholarships for men has become on the rise and nursing is an excellent profession to join.

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