Major Side Effects of Frontline Plus for Dogs

Plus for Dogs is a topical medication that works against tick and flea infestations. The active ingredients, S-methoprene and Fipronil, not only work to kill all existing ticks and fleas, but also act on flea eggs and larvae to prevent them from growing into adults. This drug is known to be 100% effective within the first 48 hours of administration. Apart from this, Frontline Plus is also preferred by many for its long lasting effect. Once applied, this medication can be effective for an entire month, even if you bathe your dog or go swimming. This is because fipronil builds up in the animal's sebaceous glands, from where it is consistently released onto the skin and coat.

Meanwhile the frontline Plus for dogs is one of the most safer medication to use and can be used on puppies and kittens as early as two days after birth. While side effects of this drug are uncommon, they do occur occasionally and are usually related to the alcohol used as a solvent.

The Frontline Plus for Dogs: Side Effects to Watch Out for

If side effects occur after using Frontline Plus for dogs, they are generally related to effects on the skin. There are also side effects that are sometimes neurological or mental in nature.

Skin-related side effects

One immediate reaction your dog might have after applying the drug is skin irritation. Mostly Itching and that of hair loss at the application site have also been reported in some dogs. Skin irritation usually manifests itself in the form of redness or skin discoloration and itching. Usually the side effect is temporary and disappears within a few days. However, if the irritation does not go away or appears to be more severe than before, consult your vet immediately.

When skin irritation occurs, your dog will try to scratch the spot. This will make the condition worse. So keep an eye on your pet and avoid scratching as scratching will cause the medication to spread to their paws and other parts of their body where they may lick. Scratching can also cause the area to bleed, which in turn would cause the medication to enter the bloodstream.

Neurological Side Effects

Some of the neurological side effects may include:

  • Increased drooling
  • Hypersensitivity to sound, light or touch
  • Getting quiet and looking depressed
  • Aggression and fear
  • fast heart rate
  • Respiratory or Respiratory Effects
  • Vomiting and Panting have also been seen in one of the common things some dogs, although it passes quickly
  • If you see any of these symptoms persist in your pet, consult your vet immediately.

Frontline Plus for Dogs: Effects on Humans and Other Species

Side effects on humans are rare. Some of the most commonly reported effects are skin, mouth and eye irritation. If this happens, wash the affected area immediately with plenty of clean water. Come to think about it, one of the best way to avoid this effect is to apply Frontline Plus for Dogs just before bedtime and let the medication dry completely overnight before cuddling the dog. Do not let your dog sleep in your bed after applying the medication. Although severe reactions are extremely rare, humans can experience vomiting, agitation and seizures. Whenever you try and notice such effects or whenever it occur, you should try your possible best to take action immediately by  consulting your doctor.

With regard to the effects on other animal species, the first thing to remember is not to use Frontline Plus for Dogs on cats. This drug is available especially for cats. This drug can be fatal to rabbits and aquatic animals, so do not allow such species to come into contact with the drug.

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