The Best Tips for Weight Loss

When I watch TV commercials about weight loss information, and when I hear "success stories" about weight loss, the definition of "success" seems to be fast weight loss. You will hear something like I lost 20 pounds in six weeks." I lost 10 pounds in the first week. When national data keeps showing that 95% of our weight loss people have gained weight again. If these diets are very "successful", why do we have to gain weight again?

Studies have shown that the healthiest weight loss rate is the healthiest weight loss rate, and the most likely to maintain a rate is to lose half a pound to two pounds per week, and it is best to lose one pound per week on average.

However, we are born to be impatient. I spent most of my life in the church. Sometimes in church circles, Christians joked about patience. They said, “Don’t pray for patience, because “doing your best will make you patient. "It is convenient for us to forget to add the rest of the paragraph, that is, "let patience get a perfect (or complete) job on you." "The biggest spiritual benefit of weight loss is the development of patience. It takes time to lose weight. It is not a straight line. You can lose weight in a few weeks, but not a few weeks to persist. It is more important than temporary excellence. It reminds you of life. , Isn't it?

In some ways, the process of controlling weight reminds us of the process of controlling life. It requires discipline, self-control, consistency, and patience. But we all know that patience does not come naturally to most of us, especially those with Western European or North American traditions. We live in the "fast lane" and patiently ask us to slow down and enjoy the journey and destination.

Even the weight loss process provides us with a little joyful revelation. Just like last month, when I realized that my thigh no longer touched each other when I was walking, or last week when I found out that I hadn’t touched, or even didn’t want to drink the 2 liters regular Root Beer bottle left in the refrigerator. After the celebration on the 4th of October. This is the first time I have participated in a one-hour aerobics class. These are cherished moments and will never reappear. But if I get angry at the fact that I only "lost" a pound or half a pound this week, I will miss the joy of the journey.

I am a fan of science fiction. A few weeks ago, I watched Babylon 5 on the Science Fiction Channel. Marcus (an interstellar knight error) and Commander Susan Ivanova are talking about something. Ivanova mentioned that a foreign language Minbari is a beautiful language. Marcus said: "I can teach you." Ivanova begged, "Oh, no, I can't. I will take a year to learn." Marcus replied: "If If you don’t learn Mingbari, how old are you next year?"

It may take a year or two or five years to lose weight, but if you don't lose weight, how old will you be? Usually, our frustration with weight loss does not come from the process itself, but from our impatience with the process. Therefore, here are some tips to increase patience:

1. Celebrate today's success, but "small.

When I was trained in psychological counseling, I had a supervisor who was once a navy captain. He has a whiteboard in the office. On this board, he drew the outlines of the east coast of the United States, Central America, and South America. He stroked the coastlines of Europe and Africa. He drew a line to the west coast of England on the imprint that New York was about to imprint. He looked at me and said. If I were the captain of this ship, my heading would only change one angle after leaving New York Harbor. He drew the line to a certain point on the African continent. "Extending the time will have major results. "

I never forgot. If you lose only one pound a week a year. You will lose 52 pounds. Okay, if you lose one pound every 10 days, that's 36-37 pounds, otherwise, you won't lose. Any week of weight loss is a successful week.


2. Please remember that you will be engaged in this job for a long time. 

The author of Hebrews said: "Please be patient and take part in the competition before you." I know he is talking about life competition and spiritual growth. But the same applies here. Pay close attention to the goal. In fact, the average is more important than anything else. If you weigh three times today, you may get three different weights. Your weight in the afternoon and evening may be heavier than in the morning. Likewise, throughout the week, your weight may fluctuate by one to two pounds every day. The same thing lasted for a week. You may do all the "right" things without losing just because of the 1-2 pound fluctuation. However, please check your overall trends for the current month or throughout the year. Are you usually falling or rising? If the trend has declined, don’t feel frustrated about the weeks when you did not lose weight unless your weight did gain a lot or lasted for several weeks. Keep in mind that sometimes balance is reached and you need to re-adjust your diet and exercise routine to continue losing weight, but this is another article.

3. This is not a competition, Everyone loses weight at a different rate. 

Just as everyone has different opinions on weight. We even overeat for different reasons. I am not that hungry, but there are some foods that I like. When I eat them, I tend to eat too much. I also eat when I am bored. However, my sister is always hungry, and almost always eats when she is hungry.

Just because you and your friend start weight loss exercises at the same time does not mean that you will lose weight at the same rate. This does not mean that if she loses 5 pounds in the first week and 2 pounds, you will fail. Encourage each other and be happy for each other's success, but don't expect to lose weight at the same rate. If you really want to get a bit of competitive comfort, and the rate of weight loss is getting slower and slower, you can show through research that when the rate of weight loss slows down, you may maintain this state. However, it’s better to just compare yourself to your own process and support others on the go, rather than trying to get to the finish line.

4. Don't let weight loss kill your life. 

 Have other interests and pursue them. When I write a novel, I am not thinking about eating. This is also true when I work on the website, study the Bible, or do sports. I found that I started {{{shudder}}} to enjoy the exercise on my own, regardless of the weight loss factors, the feelings after exercise, and the social aspects.

5. Determine why you want to lose weight. 

Is this reason important? Is this your reason or someone else’s reason? You must lose weight because you want to do it for some important reasons. You cannot lose weight because others think you should lose weight unless you also believe it. Although it is beyond the scope of this article to outline all the health risks of being overweight, it is best to check these risks yourself. Just search for obesity and you will find many good reasons to lose weight. However, unless you internalize them and pursue them yourself, you will not have the patience to stick to them. Regardless of the difficulties, we will do what is important to us.
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