How to Make Soy Milk like a Professional

Do you need something interesting after a stressful day at work?

How to make soy milk like a professional

Then, you should completely try this rich soy milk drink.


1 De Rica cup of soybeans (650 g or 1.4 lbs)

4 liters (1 gallon) cold water

15 dates (dabbing, date, latte)

1 vanilla bean pod or 1 bottle of vanilla essence



Ingredient description

Soybeans are sold in the Nigerian market by those who sell other staple foods (such as rice, beans, etc.). Vanilla pods or vanilla flavors are sold in the ingredient store of the bakery.

The amount of water listed above is what gives me the consistency of soy milk that I like. If you want, you can add more or less water.

Dates (called sabino in Hausa, dátil in Spain, and datte in France) are natural sweeteners for soy milk. If you do not have sugar, please add sugar. You can buy the date from any supermarket in the world. In Nigeria, Mallams with coconuts and tiger nuts (okra, ofio, aya) sell dates. Just ask them, Sabino.

Vanilla gives soy milk a unique flavor. If you want soy milk to taste like Nigeria's 30cl glass bottled soy milk, the vanilla flavor is essential. If you don’t have a natural vanilla pod like the one I used in the video below, please use 1 bottle of vanilla essence for the above soybean amount.

When making soy milk, you can also add other flavors and ingredients: milk flavor, milk powder, etc., but I prefer my basic taste and taste, such as pure soy milk.
Ready to work:

Rinse the soybeans and soak them overnight or at least 10 hours. Use a lot of water. Do not soak for longer this time because it will start to have a fermented taste.

After nearly 10 hours, rinse and remove the seeds from the dates. Then cut into pieces.

Cut the vanilla along with the pods and set aside. Cut open the pods to reveal the vanilla beans where all the flavors are.

After 10 hours, you will find the soybeans are swollen and soft, and the skin is easy to fall off.

Scrub the soaked soybeans between your palms to separate the skin from the beans.

Pour in more water and watch the skin float on the water surface.

Use the peeling method to pour the skin to peel off the beans of Nigeria Moi Moi.

If there are no skins left, mix the soybeans and dates in a blender. To do this, put some beans in a blender, add some dates, then pour water to cover the beans, and then mix.

Filter the mixture through a sieve.

Pour the resulting soy milk into a large pot and start cooking over medium heat. Stir frequently to avoid sticking to the bottom of the pot.

When it is about to boil, let the foam out to avoid overflow.

Add vanilla bean pods. Keep stirring and continue to cook for 5 minutes, stirring all the time.

Turn off the heat and cool down completely.

Then filter again with chiffon cloth, cheese cloth, or ladies stockings to remove the finest particles.

Pour into the bottle, close the lid, and store in the refrigerator. Drink alcohol within 2 or 3 days. If you want to keep it for a longer period of time, keep it in the refrigerator.

Enjoy soy milk and biscuits, Nigerian puffs, or other pastries.
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