How to Get Pregnant Fast with Castor Oil Packet

It is important that we know the importance of castor oil during pregnancy. Castor oil is been extracted from the seeds of the castor plant (Ricinus communis), also known as Palma Christi.

How to Get Pregnant Fast with Castor Oil packet

Castor oil has been used for thousands of years, dating back to 4000 years. I will process this article in FAQ format to answer the most pressing questions about castor oil packaging.

A castor oil pack is a piece of cloth immersed in castor oil on the skin to enhance normal blood circulation and promote healing of tissues and organs under the skin.

Castor oil packaging helps women overcome various fertility problems caused by poor circulation, congestion and toxin accumulation. Castor oil packaging is used to help heal the tissue under the skin and increase blood circulation and blood flow to the area where the packaging is used.

It is also used as a great, supportive and relaxing therapy for:

  •  Supports ovarian health
  •  Detox before pregnancy
  •  Support uterine health
  •  Repair fibroids
  •  Support egg health
  •  Supports fallopian tube health
  •  Hot water bottle
  •  A piece of flannel
  •  A bottle of cold pressed castor oil

The plastic wrap is one to two inches larger than the flannel (can be cut from the plastic bag)
Old clothes and sheets, because castor oil will stain clothes and bedding.

1.Put the flannel into the container. Immerse it in castor oil to saturate it without dripping.  2. 2.Put the bag on the affected body part to prevent childbirth.
3. Cover with plastic.
4. Put the thermos bottle on the packaging. Leave it for 30-45 minutes. Rest after you pack your backpack.
5. After taking out the package, clean the area with dilute water and baking soda.
6. Store the package in a covered container in the refrigerator. Each package can be reused 25-30 times at most.

Important notes:

  • From the second day after menstruation ends, ovulation oil is not used until active ovulation. If you don't want to actively try to conceive, you can use castor oil packets from the end of your menstruation to the rest of the cycle. If you suspect that you are indeed pregnant, please stop using it immediately.
  • Apply these packages on consecutive days every week or every few days. The frequency of repeating the process depends on you and your free time.
  • Within a few weeks, the castor oil pack should begin to increase circulation to the reproductive area, thereby helping to clear the congestion in the reproductive tract.

Women with blocked fallopian tubes and/or endometriosis may have to use fertility-supporting packaging on the abdomen for several months to truly benefit.