Digital Addiction Among Adolescents

  Technology addiction can be defined as the recurring and compulsive use of technology that is increasingly being made, regardless of the drastic consequences for the user of technology. It is important for adults to mentor adolescents to learn healthy ways to replenish their energy levels. Digital Addiction It's hard to look away from computer monitors and gadget screens. However, controlling this human tendency is important in order not to become addicted to technology. Definition of Technology Addiction Technology addiction can be defined as the recurring and compulsive use of technology that is increasingly being made, regardless of the drastic consequences for the user of technology. What makes Technology Addictive? Technology fulfills the human need for dynamic environments and excitement with great efficiency (usually through augmented / virtual reality and quality graphics). Being an escape from reality, it can be a monotonous killer and a social glue How about Playi

What is Breast Reconstruction

It has become an option for women, but this option is suitable for them. Looking at Satour, there is as much room for lots of things as there are benefits. So it is very important to know what the benefits and risks are.
Preparation for breast reconstruction

Let me tell you that before the mastectomy, your doctor advises you to visit a plastic surgeon who is already experienced and certified. Because this process involves both your breast surgeon and plastic surgeon. Breast surgeons and plastic surgeons complete breast reconstruction together. Your plastic surgeon will discuss everything related to the transplant. Huh. Plastic surgeons clearly explain how many types of breast reconstruction take place. Which also shows how much better it can be for you. Both absorb a lot of information about your body, they get better information about your health life, diseases, treatments, cancer, and everything after which they make a decision. You will receive anesthesia throughout this process. Your plastic surgeon can discuss surgery on your second breast, even if it's healthy, to better match the size and shape of your breast reconstruction. Before surgery, follow your doctor's specific instructions for preparing the procedure. These can be guidelines for eating and drinking, adjusting current medications, and quitting smoking.

Breast transplant

A breast transplant consists of a round or teardrop-shaped silicone bowl filled with salt water (saline) or silicone gel. Once banned for safety reasons, silicone gel transplants are now considered safe. A plastic surgeon places the implant behind or in front of the muscle in your chest (pectoral muscle). Transplants placed in front of the muscle are held in place using a special tissue called acellular dermal matrix. This means that your body replaces this tissue with collagen in due time

So, some women may have a permanent breast transplant during the mastectomy. However, many women need a two-stage procedure, using a tissue expander before applying a permanent transplant.

Tissue Expander

A tissue expander is a procedure that helps the skin of the remaining parts of your breast and soft tissue to make room for breast transplantation. The surgeon places a round tissue expander under your pectoral muscle the size of your mastectomy. Over the next few months, your doctor will use a small valve under your skin to inject a needle into the valve, which will fill it in several steps. This gradual process pulls the skin over time. You visit your doctor every week or two years. You may experience some discomfort or pressure when the implant expands. A new type of tissue expander uses carbon dioxide. This remote-controlled expander releases gas from an internal reservoir. Now with Tisu, gradually using carbon dioxide in the tissues can ease your discomfort. After the tissue has expanded sufficiently, your surgeon will perform another surgery to remove the tissue expander and replace it with a permanent transplant, which will be placed in the same place as the Tissu expander.


Let me know that after completing this treatment you may feel tired and there may be some pain. For which doctors already give you medicines, you will not feel any pain by taking the right medicine. It takes you six weeks to adopt your old routine. In the meantime, you need to rest your body completely. After treatment, your doctor will give you all warnings that what activities to do now, how to take care of yourself. Meanwhile, you are also advising your right diet that is better for you and can help you recover.

Breast reconstruction results

As for the results of your surgery, you should just remember that you get good results in breast reconstruction. Breast surgery has many benefits, but yes, it is not wrong to say that it makes you feel like your normal breast.

What breast reconstruction can do:

  • It gives you a breast shape.

  • Give symmetry to your breasts so they look the same under clothes.

  • It is not necessary to place a fake pillow in your bra.

  • Breast reconstruction can also do

  • It can improve your self actresses and body image.

  • It can partially erase the scars from your disease.

  • Additional surgery is needed to correct breast reconstruction problems.

What breast reconstruction cannot do

You may not look exactly the same as before.
Your reconstructed breasts cannot feel like their normal breasts.


Breast reconstruction risk?

  •  There may be pain in your chest.
  •  It also predisposes you to infection.
  •  During this time you can also bleed.
  •  During this time, it is also possible that the size of your two breasts does not match.
  •  It may take much longer to improve after surgery, it is impossible to determine how long it will take.
  •  Breast reconstruction can cause itching or sensation in the breasts.
  •  In this case, you may have problems with anesthesia.

This is unlikely but still increases the risk of immune system cancer known as anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) associated with textured breast transplantation, although between ALCL and breast transplantation. More research is needed to understand the relationship. It is difficult for the common man to understand this, to understand this you need to seek the help of an expert doctor.

The implant can continue to rupture.

If you need a mastectomy then there is another option for you where you have the option of reshaping the breast or not. Apart from this, instead of having breast reconstruction done, you can also wear a breast former that replaces the breasts, you can wear padding in the bra or do nothing, it's a better solution. As we've already said, all of these options have both pros and cons. What is good for one woman does not necessarily apply to another woman. Because the effect of these treatments varies on everyone's body. Let me tell you that breast reconstruction can only be done with mastectomy, you can get it later too. If radiotherapy is part of your treatment search article, doctors can advise you to wait until the radiotherapy is completed.


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