High Blood Pressure Natural Solutions

Some of the causes of high blood pressure

Before analyzing some of the effective solutions for high blood pressure, let's first look at some of the possible causes of this problem. The modern medicine makes us to understand, some of the basic causes of high blood pressure are:

1. Kidney failure can interfere with proper water balance in the body in several ways. The kidneys determine the electrolyte balance in the body's fluids and thus affect how much water is retained in the body and how much is expelled from the body. If the kidneys have hereditary weaknesses, or are tired or out of balance due to life factors, too much fluid can build up in the body and cause blood pressure to rise. One factor can be inefficient salt excretion. On the other hand, the kidneys may just be very tired and overworked because of a highly toxic diet with large overdoses of SODIUM. A direct relationship has been established between the intake of foods high in sodium and high blood pressure.
It also seems that the kidney is responsible for producing various chemicals, which in some way regulate blood pressure and tension of the walls of the arteries and veins in the bloodstream. Properly functioning kidneys are essential for controlling proper blood pressure.

2. TROUBLESHOOTING can also be the main cause of blood pressure disorders. Disturbances in the pituitary and hypothalamus can negatively affect the functioning of the adrenal glands, causing high or low blood pressure. In general, any malfunction of the endocrine system can lead to blood pressure problems. It is also likely that this disharmony in the endocrine system may in turn be the result of emotional or mental stress or unhealthy lifestyle habits.

3. THE NERVOUS SYSTEM can provide signals of contraction to the arteries and veins, increasing pressure as the volume of blood circulation decreases. The reasons why the nervous system can do this can vary from person to person, but in most cases are psychosomatic.

4. OUR DIET affects our blood pressure. It makes sense to believe that the substances that make up the blood will affect the amount of fluid in the blood and the tension of the blood vessel walls. This is especially true in cases where toxic waste products build up on the walls of the blood vessels, destroying their flexibility and narrowing the opening and thus the volume of the blood vessels. The pressure in these vessels increases.

5. OUR ENVIRONMENT creates different stress conditions, which can force our body to respond with an increase in blood pressure. The pressure we feel, at home, in society, is converted via the endocrine and nervous system into a tension and pressure in our body.

6. OUR WAY FROM RESPONSE TO LIFE may play the most important role. A person who feels safe, relaxed and confident in the face of responsibilities and stressful situations will of course be able to maintain a normal healthy condition independent of the external pressure. In thousands of cases of people with high blood pressure, it has been shown that when they learned to relax they could often control the problem without the use of medications.

7. There are OTHER CAUSES that we have not mentioned here.


Now let's look at some possible measures we can take to fix the problem of high blood pressure. People with serious health problems should consult their doctors before using any of the following.

1. Purification of the blood flow. If the problem of high blood pressure seems to be exacerbated by a toxic condition in the body and bloodstream, we can improve the situation by clearing the inner part of the body.

Ways to make a perfect inner cleansing

a. Avoid salt, animal proteins, animal fats, cheese, butter, and any canned vegetables or substances to which sodium salts have been added as a preservative or flavor.
b. Avoiding all the stimulants such as black tea, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, salt, mustard, black and white pepper, ginger, nutmeg, and other spices.
c. Eat plenty of potassium-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans. Especially green leafy vegetables.
d. Occasional fasting with juice and vegetable stock under the direction of a doctor will help change blood chemistry; detoxifies the kidneys, blood vessels, and other organs and restores a natural, healthy state in the body.
e. Using garlic and onions can open and clean the arteries. They can be taken in fresh form or in capsules. Some naturopathic physicians also recommend lecithin and vitamin C to help restore healthy blood vessels.
f. Eating the only watermelon for a week in the summer when it is in season can help purify and rejuvenate the kidneys.

2. Restoring the proper functioning of the kidneys and adrenal glands.
We can stimulate the kidneys and adrenal glands to function more harmoniously in some of the following ways:
a. Various physical exercises that strengthen these organs. Most of this can be learned from a well-trained yoga teacher.
b. By reflexology massage on the points corresponding to the kidneys and adrenal glands on the soles of the feet, we can effectively rejuvenate and harmonize these glands.

3. Regular relaxation of the nervous system by various techniques.
We can relax and strengthen the nervous system so that it can better withstand stress and strain in our daily lives in the following ways:
a. Deep relaxation techniques where we can learn to consciously relax the muscles and nerves and thus the walls of the blood vessels. In this deeply relaxed state, we can imagine that light and healing energy flow to the heart, adrenal glands, kidneys, and head.
b. Exercises and breathing techniques can be used regularly to release muscle and emotional tension from the body and mind.
c. Certain phonetic vibrations such as "OOOO" and "MMMM" have a calming and balancing effect on body and mind.
d. meditating regularly has proven to be extremely effective in overcoming high blood pressure.
Details about the above techniques can be learned from competent yoga teachers.

4. Change of attitude towards life
Our attitude to life; our attachments, aversions, fears, and ways of responding to life can create a lot of unnecessary stress in our lives. When the cause of high blood pressure is psychosomatic, it is of course necessary to analyze and overcome these emotional factors that contribute to the problem. Otherwise, total control of the situation is impossible, even if we use the other physically-oriented methods perfectly.

We can start by analyzing the factors in our lives that cause us to respond with stress or worry and gradually become freer from these ways of responding. We do well to approach life in a more relaxed way, with confidence and peace of mind. We can gradually work towards this state of mind by working with various systems of self-analysis and self-transformation Find Article available today.
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