Fitness Tips That Suit Your Body Type

Genetics play the leading role in creating the basic shape of your body and you should start by being realistic so that you can do the best with what you have. An individual's body type is a word associated with the metabolism and genetic predisposition to gain fat or muscle or stay lean.
All of us are programmed by birth to be long and limb, small and short limb, small frame or big bones or whatever. It is better for all of us to start by accepting the imitable things about our body type, and moving towards improving what can be improved.

Genetics also determine where you are likely to arrive, which you sometimes don't notice. Whatever you do, you will find that an extra pound you wear appears around your center, on your hips and thighs or below your beltline.

This clearly proves that women with different metabolic rates and different body shapes need to train differently. A woman who tends to gain weight will have to exercise more than a woman who does not gain anyway.

Physiologists have divided women into three basic types:

Ectomorph: are lean, leggy and often long. This woman has long torsos, slender hips and shoulders, and small bones in proportion to their height. The Ectomorphic women generally have a very high metabolic rate, making it difficult for them to build both muscle and fat.

They generally need less aerobics and should do anaerobic / strength-building or resistance training exercises with reps in the 6-10 range with a 45-90 second rest time between each set. The number of sets to be performed depends on the need for fitness or a particular sport.

The aerobic workout should last a minimum of 20 minutes, 3 times a week for cardiovascular fitness. If you are playing a sport that requires physical fitness, you must adapt the aerobic training routine to the needs of the sport.

If Ectomorphs are to grow bigger, they must indulge in strength training repetitions of 6-10 with heavier weights with a 30-45 sec rest period.

Endomorph: Lack of limbs and trunk with more rounded bodies. They tend to store body fat easily and can also have large bones. They generally arrive in the lower part of their body. Meanwhilea Endomorph women can be curvaceous like Madonna or Pia Zardora. Definitely, in the world today many endomorphs spend their lives fighting fat.

A cardiovascular workout of at least 30-40 minutes, 3-5 times a week is desired. Likewise, due to a severe need to increase BMR to burn more resting calories than fat, endomorphs should follow a strength training program consisting of higher repetitions of at least 12-20 repetitions (with 30-60 sec rest between sets) . Aerobic training is essential for weight loss, cardiovascular fitness and body shaping, on the other hand, anaerobic training is essential to gain muscle and build strength.

By building on muscle content through an adapted strength training program, Endomorphs can increase their basal metabolism to control their weight. Endomorphs that arrive become "pear-shaped" and carry their extra weight under the belt on the hips, abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

Mesomorphic: tend to have square, solid bodies and often have a fairly large bone. They are athletically built and can build up their muscles more easily than women of other body types. When they do arrive, it is usually centered in the abdomen.

Mesomorphic women should take 20 minutes of cardiovascular training three times a week to maintain their fitness. They generally need a balanced strength training program consisting of low reps for size and high reps for definition. The duration of the aerobic workout depends on the sport you play or the goals you want.

Overweight mesomorphs become "apple-shaped" and carry their extra weight around their bellies. Their problems are big bellies and love handles on the side of their torso.

Please do not make these categories as strict as "pigeon holes" to tuck in yourself or your training partner. An Ectomorph can have a bit of Mesomorph in her and vice versa. Likewise, an Endomorph can have a bit of Mesomorph in her.

Regardless of your fitness level and body type, the WF weight loss and fitness program offers you a complete fitness program based on the five components of complete fitness, namely as cardiovascular training, strength training, flexibility training, nutrition and weight management. Understand that this is being professionally designed WF fitness program exercises all major and minor muscle groups of the body through a complete aerobic and anaerobic workout to help you achieve health and fitness goals.

One needs to stay committed and incorporating a comprehensive fitness program into your lifestyle, you can achieve a lifelong healthy and fit body. The benefits of WF aerobic and anaerobic fitness program are an optimal healthy body weight, improved strength level, better posture, improved coordination and a resilient body.

NOTE: These are broad recommendations for different body types to achieve health and fitness goals.

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