Corona Virus: The Biggest Exposed In 2019-2020

What exactly do the paid news media hide from you?

Question 1: When people die, why don't they tell the patient the correct age?

Question 2: If someone dies, why don't they tell you the real reason?  Does it means they are really dying from Corona or with Corona?

What is a virus?

A virus is a very small germ, so small that you cannot see them without a powerful microscope, viruses can make us sick, but they cannot do it alone - they must live in the body of another being (Host) is required. They only enter our cells to find their home.

What is the Corona virus?

As you see nowadays, people everywhere are talking about the "coronavirus" coronavirus, new ways of survival are emerging, new symptoms are being told, it is said to be the new virus. And spreads very quickly all over the world. Coronavirus, it has a corona (or crown) shape. The Latin language, the crown is called a corona, this virus looks like it is wearing a crown. The infection usually causes symptoms such as coughing, fatigue, breathing difficulties and fever, but most of the victims are elderly people or those in the throes of a serious illness. The disease caused by the coronavirus is called COVID-19.

What is the full form of COVID-19?

Coronavirus Disease-2019 (CO rona VI rus D isease-2019).

Is that really a new virus as claimed?

NO. This is not a new virus, but yes, a new kit has been made to detect coronaviruses. Our body consists of 90% viruses and bacteria. This was even before we were born, it is still today and it will be after our death. We live with these bacteria, viruses. After we die they go to another living being, now most of these viruses / bacteria are good and some of them are bad. When the amount of bad viruses / bacteria increases, we get sick. We are surrounded by bacteria / viruses everywhere, be it at home, outside or in every corner of the world. We cannot see them with naked eyes, to see them a strong microscope is needed.
Let's take a simple example: like in our country, good people are more and bad people are less, like viruses / bacteria. When these bad people start to grow, the danger in our country increases. Then the number of our troops increases, such as the immune system in our body. So they can fight whether those enemies come in from outside or inside.

Where does this virus come from?

The virus was first discovered in Wuhan, China in December. But it is believed that this virus first evolved in bats. From there reached another animal, and from there to man, does no one know if there is an animal that makes man sick? But if some people think it is a scary pangolin-eating ant. This is just the story of a Hollywood movie that China actually made. Everything cannot be the same. This movie found a virus with no name and in real life a virus detection kit was found and the virus was called Corona. Hollywood Movie - Contagion released September 9, 2011 (US). Watch this full movie until the end that you would know the conspiracy of the current corona. '

How does the virus reach human cells?

The virus enters through a special "door" that is outside human cells. The new coronavirus also needs a 'key' to enter the cells. In this case, thorns growing on the outer surface of the coronavirus help open the door. Once inside the cell, the virus prepares thousands of copies very quickly. These patterns break out of the cell and leave and enter other cells. When we reach a certain point, the number of viruses in the cells becomes so great that the cells can no longer do their normal work, and then we got sick.

Is it true that the vaccine cures COVID-19?

NO. No vaccine has yet been found. If you see vaccines around coronavirus (COVID-19), these are all fake and rumored. Stay away from them. Scientists have already started, but it will take many months to develop a vaccine that can be safe and effective in humans.
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