Benefits Of Storing Umbilical Cord Blood After Birth

Umbilical cord blood is the blood left in the cord after a baby is born. Therefore When a baby is delivered, it is attached to the mother by the umbilical cord which is then cut. During storage of umbilical cord blood after birth, blood is drained from this cord and stored for later use.

Many parents now opt for this procedure because it offers a number of benefits. While this procedure isn't cheap, parents are ready to make the extra investment as it can help save their child's life in the future if needed. Doctors also advise people to store umbilical cord blood after birth, as this has many benefits.

The first advantage is that umbilical cord blood can be used in place of bone marrow transplantation. Extracting bone marrow is a very painful and difficult procedure, and if you have umbilical cord blood, you don't need to have your family members go through the bone marrow transplant procedure if necessary. If at any point in his life your child is sick and needs a bone marrow transplant, all you need to do is use the umbilical cord blood and the donor will not have to undergo painful surgery. Storing umbilical cord blood is painless and does not cause harm or pain to the child or the mother.

Another great benefit of storing umbilical cord blood is that if you ever need a bone marrow or stem cell donor for your child, you don't have to wait and test countless people. Many people die from curable diseases just because they cannot find a donor in time. This can take more than two months to find a matching bone marrow from a donor, and sometimes you may never be lucky enough to find one. By storing umbilical cord blood after birth, you ensure that when your child needs a donor, you only need to use the umbilical cord blood that can be available within a few hours.

Even if a donor is found, there are often serious complications and risks after surgery, and the bone marrow may not even fit your child's body, which can be fatal. Therefore, it is always recommended to store umbilical cord blood-free items as it can save lives.

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