What Can Cause You Asthma

The real causes of asthma are not yet known. It has been known for quite some time, yet the medical researchers do not know the main cause of this long-term inflammatory respiratory disease. Therefore the symptoms of this disease can vary from patient to patient. That is why it is very important to know what can cause your asthma.

Doctors believe that when the asthma patient's airways come into contact with the triggering element, the airways suddenly narrow, become inflamed, and fill with mucus. The twitching, swelling of the mucous membrane, inflammation, and the sudden appearance of mucus indicate that you have an asthma attack. Knowledge of the triggering elements can save any asthma patient from an asthma problem.

Things that can cause your asthma:


The upper respiratory tract infections, including the flu and colds, can also trigger the asthma attack.  Asthmatic Patients should remain prepared to deal with the attack if they have such infections.

Airborne irritants:
These are usually known as allergic elements such as dust particles, cigarette smoke, pollution, and vapors, which are described as airborne irritants. These irritants can cause asthma at any time. Patients should use a mask or stay away from contaminated areas to prevent the attack of asthma.


The allergic elements such as dust mites, pollen, feather,s, and animal fur can also trigger an asthma attack. Asthmatics should be aware of these allergens and stay away from them to avoid a sudden asthma problem.


This may sound a little weird, but too much stress or laughter can also trigger the asthma attack. Patients should try to remain calm and stress-free to avoid a sudden attack of asthma.

· Medicines:

If an asthma patient is taking medications such as non-steroidal pain killers, he or she may experience an asthma attack. It is recommended to consult your doctor and then take the anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent the asthma attack.

· Food supplements:

The food additives are mixed into foods to improve their quality and also to preserve those foods for a long time. The studies show that some of these additives, including sulfites and tartrazine, can also cause asthma.


Asthma patients can unwittingly affect their condition by consuming alcohol. They can be allergic to alcohol or other ingredients that are mixed in it and thus have health problems.

The indoor conditions:

Conditions such as moisture, mol,d and chemicals in the floor or carpet materials can also cause your asthma. So choose the material for carpet and floors wisely.


Scents from scented candles and air fresheners can irritate the patient's airways and make the allergy worse, which can lead to an asthma attack.

· Weather conditions:

Weather conditions such as windy days, sudden temperature changes, thunderstorms, cold ai,r, and damp weather can also trigger the asthma attack.

There are many other things that can trigger your asthma, including food allergies, high-intensity workouts, wood dust, latex, flour, and grain dust.

There is no complete list of what can cause your ASTHMA. The patients concerned should pay attention to what is or is not suitable for his / her health.
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