Digital Addiction Among Adolescents

  Technology addiction can be defined as the recurring and compulsive use of technology that is increasingly being made, regardless of the drastic consequences for the user of technology. It is important for adults to mentor adolescents to learn healthy ways to replenish their energy levels. Digital Addiction It's hard to look away from computer monitors and gadget screens. However, controlling this human tendency is important in order not to become addicted to technology. Definition of Technology Addiction Technology addiction can be defined as the recurring and compulsive use of technology that is increasingly being made, regardless of the drastic consequences for the user of technology. What makes Technology Addictive? Technology fulfills the human need for dynamic environments and excitement with great efficiency (usually through augmented / virtual reality and quality graphics). Being an escape from reality, it can be a monotonous killer and a social glue How about Playi

Is Alcohol Good For The Health Or The Heart

Many people claim that drinking alcohol is good for health, many studies and magazines show. However, there is a caveat. Just drinking alcohol to your heart's content will do more harm than good. Moderation is key. Two drinks a day for men and one drink a day for women over 45 are considered safe and good for heart health.

This brings us to another important point why drinking more isn't cheaper. Well the answer is simple; too much of everything is bad and alcohol is no exception. However, there is more to it. Excessive amounts of alcohol over a long period of time raise your blood pressure and weaken your heart muscles, which are some of the reasons for a heart attack and many conditions.

Why is alcohol in moderate amounts good for the heart?

Blood carries nutrients to all parts of the body. While we drink alcohol, it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through our digestive system. As alcohol flows through your blood vessels, it decreases the amount of fat deposits, which are mainly responsible for narrowing your blood vessels. By removing some of the deposits, alcohol essentially cleanses your arteries and makes them flexible and wide. This results in more and better blood flow through them and lowers blood pressure. Patients who drink moderately are often fitter than those who don't drink, but eat a lot of fat and lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Different opinions about moderate alcohol consumption

However, with this article I do not want to encourage the reader to drink alcohol, as there is no guarantee that everyone will benefit from moderate drinking. Even doctors and researchers even have differing opinions about it. Many believe that those who can control their alcohol consumption often have better and controlled eating habits than those who drink too much. Overall better health and lowered blood pressure are the result of their controlled eating habits and not moderate alcohol consumption. While some research and observations point to the benefits of alcohol for heart health, it largely depends on your overall lifestyle, body type and many other factors.

According to a study from more than 20 countries, moderate drinkers are 20-40% less likely to have heart disease than those who drink excessively or are non-drinkers. If you can reduce your alcohol consumption, you can also change your eating habits.

If you've never heard of Cardiac Diet, chances are you don't have heart disease. However, I would suggest that choosing a healthy heart diet and lifestyle along with physical activities is the best way to prevent or delay cardiovascular disease.


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