Lose weight By Thinking Differently

Do you play mind games that prevent you from losing weight? Do you always have a conversation with yourself that manages to sabotage your latest Monday attempts to lose weight? If so, chances are you have a dialogue in mind that needs to change.

 If you have the following self-conversations, it is best to change your dialogue. Changing your self-talk is a great first step when you feel like you absolutely cannot lose weight.

The clean board game for weight loss

You know this game: eat it all up because some people are starving! If you eat all the food when you are not hungry, you will not help anyone who is hungry! Or you paid for it, so you have to eat it. At home you put less food on your plate. In a restaurant, ask for the people box before digging food on the big plate. Acknowledge that while you still paid for it, you now have food for another meal, so you doubled your value.

This is a hard habit to break, but it can be done with practice. These portion control strategies will always help when you are struggling to lose weight. The portion control automatically lowers your calorie consumption. It is such a simple concept that is often overlooked.

Be careful with food prepared elsewhere

Do you really know what happens in the kitchen of your favorite restaurant and takeaway? I suspect that this food contains much more fat, calories and sodium than you would find in your own kitchen. Try to limit the use of external sources for your meals unless you can confirm with nutrition labels that it is a healthy option.

 If you eat out, at least try to check the nutrition information beforehand. There are so many websites and apps available for consumers to pre-plan for healthier options. Healthy Dining Finder is a site where you enter your zip code and nearby eateries are listed.

Skipping breakfast can slow down weight loss

You think you will eat fewer total calories by limiting what you consume in the morning. Many studies indicate that when people do this, they manage to consume more total calories on a given day. In other words, this eating strategy can backfire for some people.

Other studies show that when people consume significant calories in the morning, they use those calories to more efficiently meet their energy needs and store less of that energy in fat cells. Eating most of your calories at the end of the day is therefore theoretically less efficient for your body weight and overall energy level.

However, I will add that some studies also suggest that whether someone eats breakfast or not does not affect weight status. That said, skipping breakfast and eating lighter during the day can put you at some level of nutritional risk. It is very difficult to meet general nutritional needs with almost no food during the day and only dinner. And if your blood sugar levels make a nose dive during the day, you're at risk for binge eating.

It's for a "party game"

There are many variations on this: there is also 'It's for the kids'. Do the M & Ms really need to sit in a bowl for your grandchildren and yell at you all the time? I also have grandchildren, but I wouldn't want to have a candy bowl all the time. I also love the chocolate for sure and I couldn't stare at it.

 Buy the treats for children, grandchildren, and company, but keep a limited supply purchased just before their arrival. Or hide it from yourself. Better yet, buy a treat that isn't a big temptation for you! The less you like that treat, the better you can resist it.

View the menus in advance

Although not all restaurants can provide their nutritional information, you can at least take a look at the menu online. That way you can start thinking about the better meal options before entering the restaurant.

This helps you avoid quick impulse decisions about your selections. Once with friends in the restaurant, your planning strategies for making healthy choices may fail. If you've thought about what to order beforehand, defense tactics will remain in play.

Will power for weight loss

I don't think most people who are successful in long-term weight loss can use the concept of willpower. In the long run, they should instead think 'smart' about eating strategies: keep a clean kitchen free from high-temptation foods, keep small amounts or portion-controlled foods that you think of as treats, or if food is just too tempting to eat it. Once you avoid your kitchen, just don't put it in your shopping cart in the first place. Willpower is not a good long-term weight loss strategy in my opinion.

Reflection for weight loss

Taking a step back to evaluate how you feel about food might just be the solution to weight loss problems! By managing your thoughts along with your eating environment, you can start the way of weight management without tripping too much. While summer is over, holidays are upon us.

 Thinking differently might just be the torture-free weight loss solution you need if you don't think you can lose weight. Anyone can lose weight with the right tools. After you change your mind, you are ready for any additional steps needed to lose your weight.
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