Joint Pain Remedies The Natural Way

With age, constant nagging pain often comes throughout the body, from the neck, shoulder, back, elbows, hands, knees to make life almost unbearable at times. It is not always age-related, young people understand it and more in the past decades than ever before. Arthritis is a name for it, there are many types of arthritis, and many have similar pain-related problems and symptoms.

Much research is being done on this type of disease, but no medical cure has been found to be successful; this also includes any drug medicine. The best medicines that have to offer are painkillers with unhealthy side effects that can make this situation worse. Perhaps the question here is: why has this disease become increasingly common in recent decades and spread over different ages?

What Causes Joint Pain?

The cause of joint pain can come from any past injuries. It can be sports related, excessive use in the workplace, obesity and improper nutrition; these are the most common. Most likely you can exclude most of them. If so, where else could it come from? A medical report says it was caused by inflammation. So, what causes inflammation? The first sign of inflammation is redness and swelling of the joints, accompanied by pain. Inflammation is also the cause of many diseases, as well as cardiovascular disease.

Cause Of Inflammation

Everyone's body responds differently to different things; therefore, inflammation can affect everyone in a unique way. A chemical reaction takes place, mainly in your bloodstream, where white blood cells are released into the affected areas to protect against strange things such as inflammation. Not only does this cause arthritis and joint pain, it also causes many other diseases. The immune system can be overactive against bacteria caused by the wrong foods. Stress, constant emotion can also cause inflammation.

Also, in most cells of our body, a shortage of hyaluronic acid, also called hyaluronic acid, is found. The principle of the synovial fluid is to reduce friction between cartilage and joints during movement to lubricate. Intake or production by our body of hyaluronic acid rebuilds the cushion of fluid that dampens joints and reduces pain.

Inflammation is the cause of many things, but at the same time it is an important part of your body because it tries to heal the body from an injury. For example, if the joints look red, become swollen, and painful, this is part of a healing process.

The Best Solution Is Food

Foods that reduce inflammatory situations and rebalance your body. Food is also the best option to rebuild the necessary hyaluronic acid in the cells. You can eat specific foods and supplements to increase the hyaluronic acid needed for joint lubrication.

You can consume any type of root vegetable, although you eat it as raw as possible, including carrots and sweet potatoes. Also a lot of fermented food, onions, garlic, broccoli, pineapple, spinach, olive oil, wild caught salmon. Include enough olive oil, such as salad dressing, etc. Take one or two tablespoons of olive oil daily. Use coconut or macadamia oil for frying and other types of cooking. Anything rich in omega 3, natural nutrients, will help keep your joints from trying; the right proteins act as a lubricant between cartilage, joint and connective tissue.

Turmeric, known as the yellow powder, is an extremely powerful compound and a must for patients with joint pain and arthritis. In fact, turmeric's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits are so powerful with natural pain relief, better than any pain reliever, and it's safe.

Natural food as such has the best healing power without any side effects. Probably the reason for developing arthritis and joint problems is primarily a lack of natural nutrients. This has become more apparent in recent decades with more processed and sugar-laden foods.

Exercise as in maintaining joint movement and muscle strength, although movement such as exercise is painful but necessary.

Foods To Skip

For example, don't be tempted to choose farmed fish over wild-caught ones. Avoid all types of farmed fish. They can make joint pain worse. Farmed fish contains less anti-inflammatory omega 3. They also have an unhealthy content of pro-inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids. This is because farmed fish are fed unhealthy amounts of soy pellets, which increases the ratio of omega 6, which promotes chronic inflammation in the human body. On top of farmed fish that receive significant amounts of antibiotics to combat diseases caused by overcrowded conditions in which they are raised.

Other carbohydrates to avoid include sugar carbohydrates, including sweets, biscuits, soft drinks, fruit juices, sports and health drinks, fast food, especially fried, refined wheat products, white bread, pastries, pasta, etc. Refined polyunsaturated vegetable oils, corn, soy, safflower, sunflower and canola oil, avoid them all. Margarines, mayonnaise, commercial salad dressings, dips, energy bars, processed snacks, chips, crackers, microwave popcorn, vegetarian burgers, and other soy-based fake products.
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