Fall Asleep Naturally

Sleep is an important factor in the recovery process from intrusive anxiety. When someone is plagued with exhausting anxiety symptoms, they often find it difficult to fall asleep at night. A racing spirit can get very active at the end of the day, especially when silence is the perfect stage to bring up concerns. It's not hard to take out a racing spirit once you understand what it takes to get a good night's sleep. The bonus is that you get calmer in the morning and enjoy your day more.

Fall asleep regimen

The process of falling asleep at night begins in the morning hours of the day. When you wake up, it's time to start your natural regimen, resulting in a healthy and deep sleep at night. This is based on what you do during the day and the food you consume throughout the day.

Sleep and Science of Nutrition :

Amino acids are the precursor to serotonin (the feel good chemical in the brain). To build amino acids, one should eat lean protein with each meal and snack (chicken, fish, meat, dairy, etc.). To release the serotonin, to get sleepy at bedtime, it is recommended to eat a complex carbohydrate (toast, bagel, dry cereal, etc.) without protein at this time. Result: a sleepy, calm and easy way to get a good night's sleep.


The body craves movement during the day and this ensures a good night's sleep and an easy way to fall asleep easily. Outdoor sports are preferred because fresh air is stimulating and sunlight (even on cloudy days) stimulates serotonin in the brain. It is always brighter outside than indoors and this contributes to the build-up of serotonin in the brain. Small children fall asleep as soon as their head is on their pillow because they play outside during the day. As adults, we forget to "go out and play," spending too much time at our desks, behind computers. Take a break early in the day and walk outside. Warning: It can be addictive because you feel better and sleep better at night.


 Lighting plays a major role in feeling drowsy before bed. The sun goes down and the bright lights come on in our homes, shopping centers and streets. This interferes with the body's production of melatonin, which in turn interferes with our ability to fall asleep. Early in the evening it is time to turn off the lights. Allow the body to adapt to the night and it will naturally produce more melatonin, giving you a natural sleepy feeling. And if you wake up at night, don't grab the ceiling light in the bathroom, which will immediately stop melatonin production? Try a softer light to keep the sleepy sensations without much interruption.

Bedroom environment: 

The bedroom should become a cozy and peaceful place that naturally creates a relaxed feeling in both body and mind. A lower temperature should prevail in the bedroom because the body temperature drops just before falling asleep. Therefore, we recommend cracking the window slightly to allow this process to take place in a cooler environment.


 Your mindset is everything when you go to bed at night. If you're worried about falling asleep at night all day, you may be training your brain to worry, which is counterproductive for relaxation and sleep. Being completely relaxed is about letting go. This is the absence of "trying" to do anything. If you give yourself permission not to sleep, you will even make yourself fall asleep much faster. This is a paradox and an old trick that works incredibly well.


 To eliminate the noise in your head caused by a racing mind, you may want to focus on outside noises. We have all experienced those distant sounds, far off, that surround and filter the house when we pay attention. Birds, rustling trees, a train in the distance, rain on the roof and all the other sounds of nature and even the city. This takes your mind out of your inner thoughts and gives it something neutral to focus on. This neutrality is perfect for letting go and falling asleep.

Learning to appreciate and protect your sleep will make it a healthier and more nurturing experience. That is to say with a few simple changes, sleeping well becomes your new habit. This is a behavior worth participating in and will bring you extraordinary benefits. It is the pure and natural approach to feeling stronger, helping to eliminate intrusive fear and providing an experience that continues to build a stronger mind and body. Your body, your mind and your whole sense of well-being will benefit in countless ways. You will
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