Coronavirus - Ancient Secrets of Immunity and Health Preservation

Prior to spiritual awakening, the mind is driven by inherent subconscious mind programs. Because of the way nature or evolution functions, we each come into this world that has already been uploaded in natural observance of the permanent laws of nature. No one escapes this activity that works in the mind and body. These inherited energy patterns are what the permanent laws of nature are working to provide our individual relative life experiences.

The substantive nature of these subconscious patterns exists due to the seed standard produced in past lives.

Based on these previously created travel seeds, the laws of nature - laws of the mind - manifest corresponding worlds that fit the paradigms of these seed patterns. Any previous seed thought accepted as true in a deeper mind reproduces to shape our reality after birth. The natural laws continue with the material manifestation of the seeds, until full bloom, until the cycle is interrupted by conscious consciousness.

Because of these ignorance-based mindsets or seeds of thought, the corresponding lower intellect - as opposed to a determined intellect - has no choice but to remain faithful and develop lifestyles and relationships around which our lives can reflect these lower natural seed patterns, thus indefinitely this level of consciousness to repeat.

Unfortunately, this ignorant ignorance of a higher nature is the root cause of almost every known disease or infection on Earth. Logic suggests that this known fact must extend at some level into the realm of unknown or potential diseases such as the current coronavirus pandemic. In other words, prevention is better than cure.

In the dormant state of soul we are without stability, balance: our mental-physical balance is prey to all laws of opposites - good-bad, love-hate, such as aversion, disease harmony. In other words, the laws of physics perfectly fulfill ignorance-based consciousness. It does this to keep us bound by its authority. Because of this ignorant "fall from grace," our lives are led by illusory existence - identifying only with the uploaded birth standard of disease awareness and all the consequences of an addictive lifestyle. In this way, a vicious circle of finding treatments for situations that could have been prevented remains. In other words, spiritual blindness continues forever until we bring the lower human standard to a higher standard: one that is established in spiritual consciousness. this process is the way to acquire Pure Consciousness, according to the sickle state.

The soul's desire for evolution

At some point in our lives, the soul's desire for growth and evolution begins to emerge from within. When 'suffering' becomes too much, an inner dialogue is along the lines of 'enough is enough', 'what can I do to escape this'. Just like Paul's Biblical flash on the road to Damascus. This flash moment was of course a flash of intuitive awareness that becomes clearly recognizable. For some this may be shortly after adolescence, for others during personal crises or an unguarded ego moment, or an unsuspecting seed of inspiration is picked up from another soul.

In times of crisis, when not many options are available, we become very sensitive and alert to life-saving guidance. These directions correspond to divine wisdom: our soul cries out for what to do next. This soul-listening or soul attunement is of crucial importance for further life development.

The soul's desire for spiritual evolution is one of those symphonic points when that particular Que, flash, or inner prompt becomes the catalyst for some outer practical action: perhaps a detoxification program that leads to inner freedom from addictive life patterns or some soul-destroying habits .

But always remember that freedom from the imperative natural laws is a conscious decision.

This is when exercises like meditation and yoga begin to impress seeds in the mind, moving the sleep consciousness into self-examination. At first we will not know much about these practices, but deep down they resonate a spiritual vibration within us. This resonance is a divine inspiration.

atch 22

Now, in this context of spiritual awakening, we are confronted with the classic riddle or the catch-22 situation. On the one hand, because of this inherited unconscious conditioning - habit stress, fear and ignorance - while interrupting this automatic activity, on the other hand, requires a conscious decision to break through this soul sleep cycle and eventually escape from it to the awakening level.

Making this decision is like waking from a bad dream. Even though we sleep, we just know we have to escape this gripping nightmare. Even in the dream awakening requires real effort. Herein lies the clue. We get to see the nightmare to wake up from it. Likewise, with ignorance-based life, we make the decision to awaken from his nightmare existence.

This is the greatest effort we will ever make in our entire lives. Like the dream, it requires strength and courage. But as soon as we start, we always wake up. The difference is that the dream is a figment, an illusion, while you are real.

And while we are born into this lower world of rule of law, people on another level of the soul are encoded with immortality DNA. But again, we must consciously choose immortality.

Likewise, as with the awakening of a dream, as soon as this inner journey begins, the target of immortality and self-awareness becomes indispensable. At some point we will have developed a level of consciousness from which we will "know" immortality. But between knowing and not knowing there will be a lot of shedding and inner awakening.

Re-tune the body and mind for extra immunity

The laws of nature are innumerable, so we cannot adapt to each law individually. This is impossible. But what is possible, what to do, is to align the mind in such a way that there is automatic attunement of mind-body-health-harmony with all the laws of nature at the same time. This is how the immune system is armed in defense against viral attacks such as Covid-19. This process of cosmic alignment of the mind stimulates the Thymus gland to release the required quota of adult antibodies or white blood cells - antigens or pathogens - to the immune system, which then travels through a now-enhanced circulation and adds further oxygen with health to any part of the body ..

This approach to disease-free health gives ordinary people a whole new dynamic to start in our lives free of charge and naturally.

The three gunas of nature

Let us now deal with these myriad natural laws by their umbrella titles. They fall under what the immortal Bhagavad-Gita calls the three gunas. These three gunas are the qualities or dynamics that work in each of us from birth, the laws of nature, as mentioned earlier. Gaining knowledge of guna interaction is where true spiritual training begins. It is from here - from this practiced understanding - that real physical health, well-being and liberation of the soul are tangibly established in consciousness.

The three gunas are:

Sattva - harmony, goodness, spirituality

Rajas - passion, activity, ambition

Tamas - slowness, dullness, laziness

Together these three natural elements are responsible for all creation, maintenance and dissolution. Thus the physical creation and evolution continue forever.

As we can see, every guna has a certain quality or nature. And at certain stages of our life, one of these traits can be the dominant gunas, or any pair of gunas interacting with each other. In other words, we can be blissfully happy one day and vice versa the next - the gunas compete for dominance over our free will. Bhagavad-Gita refers to this alternating activity as the gunas acting on gunas. This is why we don't adhere to the Sattva standard because it is also binding. But what is constant and non-binding is Pure Sattva. This state represents the liberation of the soul obtained through regular meditation.

And while all three gunas are simultaneously present in the mind-body, the Higher Self or the Soul, transcendental is beyond the gunas, beyond aging and decay. It is THE secret of perfect health. The transcendental state of undisturbed calm is really the dormant wonder that awaits a consciousness through which it can reflect. We can each be that prism of consciousness.

he human soul begins in life from the level of tamas-rajas. Later, raja guna urges us as a warrior to explore the treasuries of the material world, possessions and artificial happiness. Later we discover, through adulthood - or burnout - that the material possessions and the artificial happiness do not provide for that naturally wanted 'something'. That sub-terrain quality of inner space, peace and happiness, or Pure Sattva. This Pure Sattva state can coexist with the chaotic world activity. We don't have to isolate ourselves in a cave or monastery. No, we lead a normal life in whatever social culture we are born.

Leading the Scriptures to the Bliss Consciousness

Here are some beautiful texts each expressing exactly the same message of health, peace and liberation.

  1. The Bible says, Jesus said, "Seek first the kingdom of heaven (perfection) and everything else will be added" (added to consciousness).
  2. Then, in the immortal five thousand year old Bhagavad-Gita, chapter two verse 45, Lord Krishna says, "Be without the three gunas, o Arjuna, free from duality," meaning free from the dominion of opposites, the laws of nature.

  3. These two crucial writings both offer the same means of contacting the transcendent divine principle that is latent in all people, regardless of our culture.

  4. Again, Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this world," which means that Pure Coconsciousness is not of time space and causal connection, or of this world.

  5. And "the kingdom of God is within" - referring to divine potential in consciousness, which potential, when realized, is pure consciousness, pure Sattva. Also called Bliss-Consciousness or Cosmic-Consciousness.

  6. Transcend the Gunas and upload disease-free health

  7. The entanglement of negative thoughts keeps the mind and body trapped in constant suffering. Transcendence, on the other hand, frees the mind-body from interacting with thought entanglement.

So the art of loosening the subconscious mind, especially with regard to health, is through transcendence. Transcendence is already Perfect, all Pure Awareness. No worldly condition can exist here. Nothing in this world can access pure consciousness, so the need for inner transformation. This is where inner silence and total mental surrender come in.

The purpose of nature's three gunas, therefore, is to keep every human soul bound by the entanglement of thought, bound by its authority in the field of "world" existence. So THE purpose of life for every soul is to transcend the laws of nature, transcend beyond "the world" of the three gunas. There is no higher spiritual achievement than this act of personal transcendence.

And because we have grown beyond time, space and cause, in transcendence there is no aging or decay of the cellular body for the duration of the meditation session - we consciously establish immortality awareness.

After attaining pure transcendental consciousness, the mind, after meditation, maintains a certain level of transcendental bliss until our next meditation. Twice daily meditation is necessary to make the transcendental consciousness a permanent state. At this level, we do not take sides with the gunas, nor do we respond to their interaction. Self-Bliss Awareness is now experienced as separate from the activity of the world.
Bhagavad-Gita, chapter six, verses 10-15, describes the simple meditation method that leads to transcendence and how to practice it.

This meditation practice is certainly the secret to having a strong nervous system and more importantly optimizing the activities of the immune system for our overall health benefit, especially the release of white blood cells or T cells from the Thymus gland. These are the warriors who defend the spirit body from foreign invaders who invade it. In this way, the entire mind-body-cell-molecular structure is made permanently harmonious and blissfully healthy.

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