8 Home Remedies For Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the happiest stages in a woman's life. Unfortunately, it does come with some side effects and problems. Swollen feet are one of the most common discomforts women face during pregnancy. Also called edema, it is a condition in which excess fluid builds up in the tissues of the body. This can also be painful.

 8 home remedies for swollen feet during pregnancy:

1. Take diet high potassium

This remedy helps you minimize swelling. Potassium is very effective in maintaining the electrolyte level in the body. It also prevents water from accumulating. Bananas are high in potassium. Having a banana every day will help you.

2. Dandelion Tea

 This is a wonderful tea for pregnant ladies who suffer from swollen feet during pregnancy. Dandelion tea balances the electrolytes in the body and also improves circulation. Simply boil a few dandelions with water and consume the brew three times a day.

3. Keep your feet high 

Doctors usually recommend their patients to keep their feet in an elevated position throughout the day to get rid of swelling and pain. This is very useful to maintain good blood circulation in the body. It prevents the accumulation of liquids in the foot.

4. Try Apple Cider Vinegar

 If you like the taste of vinegar, ACV will serve the purpose. You should add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a cup of water. Drink this mixture twice a day. Loading with potassium ACV is very helpful in balancing electrolytes in the body.

5. Arnica Oil Massage 

Get a relaxing foot massage. Use arnica oil because it helps relieve sore, aching joints, and muscles. You can ask your partner, friend or a masseuse to massage your feet with this oil.

6. Cucumber Packages

 This is easy and very relaxing. Place cool cucumber slices on your feet. You have to cover your entire fleet with the slab. Cucumber slices will remove excess toxins and water. You can also chew on a few slices daily to keep your body hydrated.

7. Increase water absorption

 In most cases, swollen feet are the result of the accumulation of fluids in the body. Many women think that drinking more water can lead to water retention. However, the truth is quite the opposite. Keeping your body well hydrated allows the body to flush out excess toxins and moisture inside.

8. Saline Water Soak 

This is very relaxing. Just dip your feet in the salty lukewarm water. The home remedy is widely recommended by older experienced women and midwives. Boil some water and mix in a handful of salt. Once lukewarm, place the feet in a bathtub and dip your feet in it unless the water gets cold. The remedy helps by removing excess fluids from the tissues.
In Conclusion, swollen feet during pregnancy are a common problem. Women may find this very annoying because of the discomfort and pain that comes with it. Following some proven home remedies as mentioned above can help. For serious problems after the fever and other complications, it is important to call the doctor.
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